How to Buy a Kennel of the Best Quality?

Want a truly reliable and comfortable kennel for your pet? Then carefully consider the choice of cells.

¬†First of all, the cage should be spacious enough so that the dog can sit in it freely, without bending down and not touching the ceiling with his head, lying down, stretched out to full height, and without any problems to change his pose and turn around. In other words, in a kennel, a dog should feel comfortable, be it from 10×10 large covered dog kennels or something else.

Which kennel manufacturer is better to choose?

Secondly, the cage must be strong and reliable so that the dog cannot bend the grate and get out of it without your help. We offer only high-quality American Midwest cages made of durable steel.

But no matter how good the cage is, it still needs to be selected based on the weight, size, breed, age, and temperament of the dog. A correctly selected cage will not only become your reliable assistant, but also a cozy corner for your pet.

The American company Midwest presents several unique types of cells, each of them has its characteristics that will allow you to choose the perfect option for your pet. Each type of Midwest cage is represented in many sizes, so they are suitable for dogs of different breeds and apartments of different sizes.

Cages of the Contour type are equipped with the unique LapLock door locking system, which allows you to securely lock the cage. To open the door, it must be raised, which the dog can not do. Therefore, your pet will not be able to get out of this cage on its own. Each cage comes with a plastic pallet, convenient handles for transportation and a special dividing panel that allows you to keep two dogs in one cage at a time.

Types of the kennel from Midwest

Ovation Crate cages are equipped with a very convenient door that opens upward, which also prevents the dog from opening it on its own. Also, such a door is easy to use and does not take up much space, since it leans back onto the roof of the cage. Complete with cells of this type is a pallet and a partition.

Life Stage cells are the strongest cells in the Midwest cell line. They are made of a thicker rod, and the distance between the rods is reduced relative to other cells, so they are highly durable. Due to the increased strength, the cage is heavier, which makes it difficult to use it when transporting dogs. However, it is ideal as a stationary cell. Also, a plastic tray and a partition are provided with this cage.

Cages of the iCrate type are equipped with two doors with double locks that will not allow the pet to get out independently. Also, in cells of this type, the external corners are rounded, which reduces the level of trauma to both you and your pet. A plastic tray and a partition are provided.

Also in the stores are cells of the company Ferplast. Ferplast cages are made of solid wood, and the front and side walls are equipped with aluminum rods. A double door closing system provides reliability and durability. And the adjustable legs will allow you to raise the cage above the ground if you decide to put it on the territory of a private house instead of an aviary.