Best Fee Virus Protection Solutions

The Best Ways to Protect Your Computer for Free

Every day, a computer is exposed to hundreds of hacker threats and attacks. Therefore, the presence of antivirus on a computer is a mandatory measure of data protection. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy expensive solutions to protect yourself from viruses and cyber threats. We will talk about several excellent antiviruses that can cope with a variety of malicious programs no worse than paid versions.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus

We decided to start with the free version of one of the best antiviruses. The Russian product consistently gets high scores in the AV-Test laboratory and is approved by millions of users. The program was created using the technology of the Kaspersky Security Network. The product features list includes:

  • file antivirus
  • web antivirus
  • VPN
  • network attack protection and activity monitoring

Thus, the product provides basic protection at a high level, data storage and blocking threats while surfing the Internet.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is rightfully considered one of the best free virus protection for 5 consecutive years. High rates in the fight against a variety of malicious programs, effective protection, simple usability, and most importantly full accessibility have gained popularity in more than 2 million users. The functionality of this antivirus includes such components as:

  • CyberCapture system
  • improved web protection
  • Wi-Fi Network Analysis
  • Password manager
  • Emergency disk and more.

Anti-Virus will be able to check email for you, quickly clean your computer and regularly update the database. So if you want a simple and free solution, then Avast is what you need.

360 Total Security

One of the most effective free solutions for Windows of any version is rightfully considered to be from Qihoo 360. For enhanced efficiency, the software is also developed with Avira and Bitdefender engines, which made 360 ​​Total Security

a comprehensive solution to combat program infection.

Users will definitely like such features and properties of the program as:

  • firewall
  • sandbox
  • contact and password protection
  • web browser support
  • USB media protection when connected
  • DNS security check and much more

The only feature of the program is the presence of advertising, but this one is not a big price for excellent and at the same time free protection.

Comodo Internet Security Premium

Comodo is another synonym for comprehensive security, available for free. Not every free antivirus can boast that it combines the advantages of paid software. Anti-Virus is aimed at comprehensive protection against various threats, both new and already existing.

This program is a mixture of a powerful antivirus, an effective firewall, Comodo Protection +, which includes an advanced system of behavioral blocking and intrusion prevention.

Avira Free Antivirus

The German solution based on Avira Protection Cloud has already gained immense popularity around the world. Antivirus protects your computer in real-time, providing the functions of anti-spyware or anti-rootkit.

Moreover, the solution may provide additional functions:

  • Managing Windows Firewall
  • Internet protection
  • Android device protection

At the same time, threats are classified in real-time, quickly scans the system, and does not overload the system.