Software to Repair PPS Files

  • Repair corrupted or damaged PowerPoint files formats like .pps, .ppt, .ppsx & .pptx
  • User friendly & easy-to-use interface
  • Efficiently repair PowerPoint slides content like animations, images, text, OLE objects, formatting etc.
  • Provides preview of repaired .pps file

The Microsoft Office suite contains a software named PowerPoint that is used to create rich & dynamic presentations using its very unique features. It is most widely used by educational institutes, corporate offices and many other organizations for creating training material, product presentations, company annual reports, etc. It consist of individual pages known as slides & using these slides, a presentation is made. The files created in PowerPoint have .pps, .ppt, .ppsx, .pot & .pptx extensions. PPS file is a full screen slide show that is non-editable. It may contain images, movies, formatted text, animations, bullet points or sound effects. Usually only PPS files are sent over internet for sharing not the whole PPT file. You can then view these files on PowerPoint viewer but cannot edit them.

Suppose you got an important PPS file from your colleague on your mail, but when you tried to run it, it returns an error message. Probably the pps file corrupted due to some reasons. That might be an important presentation that you need to show to your client. Don’t panic! First of all, don’t ever send PPS files or any other files over internet without zipping them. Zipped files are less likely to get corrupted than any other file formats. And secondly, when you encounter file corruption, you should make use of the PPS Repair tool that can fix corrupted PPS & other PowerPoint file formats efficiently.

Causes for PPS File Corruption

CRC Error: When you try to open a corrupted PPS file you may encounter errors like “Unable to read the file”, “Invalid file path”, “Error 123 : sorry file cannot be accessed”, “Unknown Error occurred”, “POWERPOINT.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created”, “This file is not in a recognizable format”, etc. These types of errors might occur due to CRC(Cycle Redundancy Check) error. It is a technique for finding corruption of data. When some bytes vanishes or get overwritten or when some extra bits get included due to some reasons, CRC error occurs. This makes the file damaged & inaccessible.

File System Corruption: File system corruption results in loss of files from the system. When a file system gets damaged, your PPS files including all other files become inaccessible & you may result in error messages. In such situations you need a good PPS Fix Tool to repair PowerPoint slides even after header corruption.

Recovery Error: Sometimes PPS files get corrupted due to incomplete recovery or recovery error while restoring the deleted or lost files.

Other common reasons PPS file may get corrupted or damaged due to interruption during read /write process, bad sectors in the storage media, application crash, incomplete download of PPS file from the internet, unexpected system shutdown, power surges, virus infection etc. To avoid these situations, you need to recover PowerPoint files from a backup, but if you do not have backup then then you have to use a fixing tool.

Main Features of PPS Repair Tool

PPS Repair Software can repair PowerPoint slides created in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions. It can effectively tell how to repair pps file which are password protected. It has been built to repair & rebuild damaged PowerPoint files. The PPS Repair tool can fix these files in any of the above mentioned corruption scenarios or errors, even if the PPS file is not opening at all. It retains the original formatting & other contents of the PPS file and repair it efficiently. The tool can repair file formats like PPS, PPSX, POT, PPT & PPTX created using PowerPoint. It does not override the original file & creates a new file that is repaired & free from corruption. It can easily repair PPS files on Win 7, Windows XP &Vista (both 32-bit & 64-bit OS). The PPS Repair tool is available free as a demo version. You can see the repaired files but to save those files you need to purchase the full version.

Recent Updates:

Repair PowerPoint File on Windows 8: PowerPoint file may get damaged on Windows 8 PC due to various reasons. In such situations, you can utilize PPS Repair software as it can effectively repair any corrupted or damaged PowerPoint (PPT and PPTX) files on Windows 8, Vista, XP, 7, etc. To know more about PowerPoint repair on Windows 8, visit this page:

Fix MS PoerPoint File Not Responding Error: Sometimes, you may face problem of PowerPoint File Not Responding which can be resloved by using PPS Repair software which has read-only strategy thus it does not modify original PPT file. To know more, visit:

Repair Presentation File after Recovery: If you have lost access to important presentation file after recovery using third party tools, have a go with PPS Repair tool tool which repairs the unreadable presentation file within no time and make it acessible back again for the user. To get more details refer this page :

Fix PowerPoint File Opens Blank: There are several situations under which your presentation file might get damaged and opens as a blank file or unreadable presentation file. To handle all such instances you need the help of reliable repair tool named PPS repair application, it gives you a chance to fix your powerpoint file that opens blank within couple of mouse clicks. If you want to more information on how to fix blank file, then visit this page:

Repair PPT That Stopped Working: If you come across PPT file not working error, then use PPS Repair Software and repair PPT that has stopped working within few mouse clicks. For more details about to know how repair a corrupt file that has stopped working, then simply click on the given link:

PowerPoint Attachment Repair: Are you unable to open or read your important attached PowerPoint file? If yes, then there is no need to worry! PPS repair software is one of the best software to repair attached PPT file in short span of time. For more info, refer this link:

Fix PowerPoint File Cannot Be Read: Did you encounter any problem while trying to open PowerPoint file? If yes, then make use of PPS Repair software in your system in order to fix unreadable PowerPoint presentations file with utmost ease. For more info, click on link:

Repair PowerPoint Error after Windows Update: Are you unable to access your important PowerPoint file, and you get an error message when try to open it after Windows update? If it is so, then make use one of this extraordinary PPS Repair software that helps you to repair PowerPoint error after Windows update. For more details, click on this link:

PowerPoint Conversion Error Repair: Sometimes, when you try to convert corrupted or damaged PowerPoint file to some other file format like PDF, then you may face conversion errors. So, in such situations, you can make use of PPS Repair Tool for PowerPoint conversion error repair. For more details, go to:

PowerPoint File Association Fix: PowerPoint is the most powerful and efficient tool used for documentation and presentation purpose. Are you unable to fetch or read your important PowerPoint files due to file association problems? If yes, then this PPS Repair tool will help you to fix association problem in PowerPoint file within a couples of minutes. For more info,Visit:

Recover Data from PowerPoint: PowerPoint file is an essential file which contains important collection of data and this data might be lost due to various reasons. So, make use of PPS repair tool to recover data from PowerPoint file in an effective way. To get more information about data recovery from PowerPoint file, visit the following link:

Recover Images from PowerPoint: Do you want to recover contents of PowerPoint including images,animations and many more from corrupted PPT? If yes, then by using PPS Repair tool you can repair as well as recover deleted files by following this link:

Repairing PowerPoint File Unreadable: Is it that, your PowerPoint file has become unreadable? Don’t worry! you can now, repair unreadable PowerPoint file by using effective PPT Repair Software. PowerPoint file becomes unreadable due to various reasons such as, error in registry policy settings, virus attack etc. This tools simple user interface allows you to deal with it easily and quickly.

Repair Corrupt PPTX: PPTX files are very essential files, and these files may get corrupted due to various reasons. So, to know how to repair corrupt PPTX file you can make use of PPS Repair Tool. For more details go to:

Repair Broken PPT File: There are various reasons because of which your PPT file will be broken, and if this happens then you won’t be able to open or access your PowerPoint document. So, make use of PPS Repair Tool to repair broken PPT file. To get more info you can visit:

Delete PowerPoint Temp Files: Whenever you create PPT file, automatically its temp file will be created. So do you want to delete PowerPoint temp files from your system? If YES, then use Remo MORE Software to delete the temporary PPT files. For more details about PPT temp file deletion, visit:

Backup iPhone Contacts: Do you want to backup iPhone Contacts? If yes, then just relax! You can easily backup your iPhone contacts by using advanced Remo MORE Software within a short period of time. For more info visit,

Compress PPT Files: Do you want to increase the transfer rate of your PPT file by reducing its file size? If YES, then dont be panic just by using Remo MORE Software which is the best PPT file compression tool you can effectively compress PPT files within a short span of time.For more details about PPT file compression visit

PPT Error Repair: If you are encountering various error messages while accessing an important PPT file, then this might be an effect of corruption in that particular file. To repair PPT file and rectify all the errors, visit

Repair PowerPoint 2013: As the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint i.e., 2013 is released, everyone wants to use it to get the new and exciting updated features. In such case, if you come across any errors that indicates that the PowerPoint 2013 is corrupted then you can use PPS Repair software to repair PowerPoint 2013 with utmost ease.

Backup Windows 8 Registry – If you are about to make some changes in your Windows 8 registry, then take a backup of Windows 8 registry by using Remo MORE software. Follow for more details.

Repair PowerPoint Slides – This tool is capable of repairing all sizes of PPT file and can also take care of password protected PPT and PPTX files and repair them instantly. The pps repair software is equipped with more interactive and simple user-friendly interface. Get detailed procedure here:

Restore Deleted Slides in PowerPoint : If you have accidentally or intentionally deleted important slides from PowerPoint files then PPS repair software will help you in recovering them. It will do so by repairing the PPT file and restoring all the deleted slides from the file.

Repair PowerPoint Template: PPS Repair tool can be utilized to fix Microsoft PowerPoint templates with .pot or .potx file extensions. The utility supports the efficient repairing of templates created on MS PowerPoint 2000 and above versions. Whatever may be the reason for corruption; this tool will definitely help you.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2003 File: This PPS repair tool is capable to repair different types of PowerPoint files like PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX and many more created on MS PowerPoint 2003. This advance software supports recovery of objects, animated pictures and videos that are used while creating the presentation.

Repair PowerPoint XP: Repair corrupted PPT, PPTX and PPS files on Windows XP using this software. It can fix PowerPoint files errors and recovers all items safely from the presentation such as text, images, sound, etc.

Improve Windows XP Boot Speed: Windows XP startup speed may be very less due to lot of issues on the system. Use Remo MORE to speed up Windows XP boot process by fixing many problems which contributes for slow startup.

Steps to repair PPS files:

Step 1: On the main screen select the .pps file by clicking “Browse” & then click “Repair”.

Step 2: Preview the repaired file after the repair process is completed.

Step 3: Save the file by choosing the desired location & then click “Save”.